Application Software Development

Application software development is one of the key businesses Mega is catering for. We pursue over 30 years of experience in developing customized business application software for different industries, e.g. manufacturing, wholesales, retail, shipping, construction, hotel, education, transportation, etc. Some of Mega’s wide-deployed applications are highlighted below:

  • E-Government solution
  • One-Stop Service Center solution
  • Appointment, Reception, Queuing solution (ARQ)
  • MDS Business Management Software Series
  • Intelligence Queuing System (IQCS)
  • Documents Conversion Service
  • Enterprise IT Solution for Customers

In 2001, the Macau Government had announced its interest to adopt e-government infrastructure to enrich her public service quality and improve her administration efficiency. Since then, Mega had set up an individual application software development team; with the aim to completely cater the needs emerged from this specific area. The software solutions that were specifically tailored to support the Macau Government includes: One-stop Management System, Document Imaging Management System, Document Tracking System, Intelligent Queuing System, Portal Management System, and so on.

Mega’s application software development team performs in accordance with industrial standard methodology and systematic approach on the application software development. Starting from requirement gathering; specification production; interactive prove of design; software programming; application deployment; operation training to system acceptance, are all under industrial standard approach. In addition, Mega is recognized by its Java development expertise. This is an important feature, as Java is a market preferred open platform by using in application software development. Mega possesses great technical skill on the deployment of Java application servers and the J2EE framework, including Struts, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java’s Messaging Services and JDBC.