Maintenance Services

Besides of providing suitable IT solutions, a comprehensive and customized system maintenance support services is another critical element to create the carefree IT system operation environment for our customers. To cater for this need, Mega offers a wide range of maintenance support programs with intensive service offerings for the customers to choose from. Below are some of Mega’s major maintenance services highlighted:

Maintenance Service Level

Maintenance ServiceRespond Time
Standard 5x8 office hour service Next business day
Standard service upgrade 2-4 hours
7x24 round the clock service 1-4 hours

Technician On-site Standby Service

  • Technicians with different technology profession are available to stand by on the customer sites to provide immediate technical support for any critical system. This offering could take place on a daily to annually basis.

IT Equipment Inspection Service
  • Free of charge IT equipment inspection service prior from maintenance agreement sign-off.

IT Equipment Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Regular inspection on the customers’ computer system to prevent unexpected system failure.

IT Equipment On-loan Service
  • A common hardware pool contains warehoused hardware equipment and parts from the original manufacturers, with the purpose of providing a speedy on-loan service to the customers while necessary.

Dedicated Parts Pool for Critical User
  • A dedicated spare part pool contains reserved equipment and/or parts particular for the critical user with the purpose of instant backup service.

IT Equipment Relocation Service
  • Hardware equipment relocation and reconfiguration service including pre-relocation preparation, equipment transportation, hardware reload and standard functional test.

IT Equipment Cleaning Service
  • A regular hardware cleaning service could extend the system lifetime and reduce the frequency of hardware failure.

Warranty Upgrade
  • It is a supplementary maintenance service for the newly purchased hardware equipment while the standard warranty bundled could not fully satisfy the customers’ needs.

Per Call Support Service
  • Any customer, who does not have a maintenance agreement with Mega, will still be able to enjoy Mega’s valuable technical support by using our per-call based support service.